Need Blackjazz saxophone on your splendid recording? Jørgen Munkeby is the founder of the Norwegian Blackjazz band Shining, and will record butt-kicking saxophone for your track in his own studio and send over the files. Quick, easy, no fuzz — the best Blackjazz sax track you’ve ever heard! Request price quote now by sending email to munkeby@shining.no
Last Day performed live at insane mountain summit with Shining. Sax solo from 02:23.

Haunted Shores: The solo project of Misha Mansoor and Mark Holcomb of Periphery. Released Nov 2015. Sax solo from 1:32 and end of song.

Collaboration track with the Tokyo guitar superstar Marty Friedman (Ex-Megadeth). Vocals and sax riffing throughout. Sax duet solo from 1:14.

Solo sax intro for Slovakian artist Poetry In Telegrams. Very proud of this intro. Sounds fresh and impulsive, which it definitely is!

Sax solo intro from beginning.

Only need riffing or a written part, no solo? No problem! I Won’t Forget with Shining. Tight written riffing unison part from 02:29.

Beautiful softer song with good friend and legendary musician Devin Townsend, recorded in home studio in Los Angeles summer 2014. Elegant and loose sax solo from 3:37.

With Ihsahn (Ex-Emperor) on his landmark album After. Sax solo from 1:28, melodic work throughout.

With Ihsahn (Ex-Emperor) on his landmark album After. Heavy unison riffing from start. Chaotic and energetic solo from 1:03.

With Ihsahn (Ex-Emperor) on his follow-up album Eremita (2012). Haunting sax from start to finish.